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Herself is not well today (this was taken last Sunday). Vomiting and fever that starts mid-afternoon and goes on into the night. The nice NHSDirect nurse said that she should be kept comfortable, and on carb-rich foods. And milk. I was always told not to give milk to a child with upset stomach, but the nurse said that even if she does bring it up, at least she has absorbed a tiny bit of nourishment. Well, they’re the professionals. She has visibly perked up at the prospect of milk, anyway.

I’ve been given a three month contract extension at work, which means that by July I will have been working for The Baron for a year and a quarter. It’s a nice place. Sometimes the bureaucracy and politics is worse than the Civil Service, but the people are generally very pleasant and professional. Much nicer than that awful bloody university, and less grinding monotony than magazine publishing. But that’s another rant that I’m still formulating in my head: after all I wouldn’t want to come across as a bitter old sub who never ‘made it’ to the dizzy heights of Deputy Editor.


5 thoughts on “Princess

  1. Sarah, Your daughter is gorgeous! A bit like a mini version of you, but I can’t tell her personality on the net… I think you were very nobel to knit her a jumper too – could you do one for me?
    Kate (otherwise known as Catherine M.)

  2. Is that “Edelweiss” Kate, by any chance?

    You really wouldn’t want one of my jumpers if you saw it up close. HRH has curly hair and small features like me, but her eyes are brown and she’s much much prettier. We share the odd personality trait, but she’s most like her Nanny Smith, only more imperious – if that is possible..

  3. yes, it’s “Edelwiess” Kate. I’m just in the process of knitting a cardy for my youngest – similar age to princess. She’s worked out it’s for her, and keeps running off with the pieces as I finish them; it might get stiched together one day. We’re about to move back to Southwark – maybe we could meet up sometime?

  4. That would be wonderful. Whereabouts in Southwark? I’m guessing Dulwich…

    I got your email but I haven’t got aroudn to replying yet because I’m slack.

  5. Not Dulwich, Camberwell…going to the S.A. college – knew we’d become ministers one day…

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