We went to Venice at half term and I’ve only just got around to blogging the pics (they’re already elsewhere on Google Photos)

It was beautiful. I loved every second, even the rain, the semi-flooded streets, the fog, the mosquitos and the damp. I loved getting lost in the maze of alleys and cut-throughs. Surprisingly, the actual ‘sights’ weren’t as brilliant as just being there, shopping in the supermarkets, having a quiet coffee and watching the world go by, and investigating many many glass shops. We’ll be back.


Snakes on a plane!

Pythons escaped on a plane in Australia. How cool is that?

OK, it’s not cool, but it is…sort of.

Back from Lake District, having had a wet but wonderful time. Ceej and I discovered that messing about in small, red boats that buzz around Lake Windermere like scarlet mosquitos, pushing diesel fumes out everywhere and generally raping the environment, is probably the best fun ever.

We didn’t do much walking: having two headstrong five-year-olds and a baby in the party somewhat dampens your enthusiasm for yomping through muddy, near-vertical fields populated with militant sheep. But Martin got at least one daily muddy bike ride done every day, and I managed to escape for an hour and climb up to Orrest Point the hard way, through semi-vertical muddy fields full of militant sheep. It was great.

Anyway, the Camberwell/Lake District connection is still going strong. We were captivated by the beautiful landscape, and charmed by the people. Definitely going back, but probably when Charlie’s old enough to go pony-trekking with her ma.

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