In the Woods (in progress): Tana French

Oh dear…

Well, my course has somewhat taken over the reading. Three nights a week I’m online, doing a MOOC on FutureLearn (MOOCs are vv interesting btw), and then I spend most of the weekend doing uni work. It’s going to be like this for the next six months or so. I thought there would be loads of books to read, like on my History course, but nooo…Technology Enhanced Education means you read PDFs, participate in online seminars, and watch videos about Second Life (90s CGI! Whoo!). I’ll post a few thoughts on my Sladeylearn blog later on today.

Pic of In The Woods by Tana FrenchMy bedtime reading is a doorstop detective novel by Tana French. A young Irish detective and his brilliant manic pixie dream girl partner have been assigned to a murder case involving a child. In the background is a horrific incident that happened in the detective’s past. No-one but the partner knows of his past, and he barely remembers a thing about it, until now.

So far I’m not exactly gripped. I’m about a third of the way through, and the main character/narrator is slightly colourless. I’m not sure if that’s deliberate, given that he has wiped his childhood identity and created a new version of himself. The jokey, brother/sister relationship with his partner is not quite working for me, but again, that might be misdirection from the author. I’ll stick with it.