Other thing I’m doing: an online photography course. This is from b/w week…

My epic history of Chartism in Camberwell has had to take a back seat for a while. I discovered that the OU had put their prices up, and I didn’t have enough money to pay for the course. No matter. It just gives me a little bit more procrastination time.

I’ve got another procrastination aid too: I heard a Purcell guitar melody on Radio 3 a few weeks ago and thought: “I used to play stuff like that.” A quick fossick on the Internet and I found a fairly up to date arrangement for a few quid. Finding (and remembering how to tune)  a nylon-string guitar was another matter, and then there was the tiny issue of me remembering how classical guitar fingering goes.

So, following Viv Albertine’s advice of not going three days without practising and taking things slowly, I’ve worked out the fingering for the first page (there are four). It still sounds bloody horrible, but noticeably better than when I first picked up the guitar, so I’ll persevere. It’s nice to have a project.

I’ve also been learning how to lindy hop at the Ivy House. Apparently we all passed our beginner course with flying colours and now we’re on to stage 2, in which we learn how to do the pulling and pushing stuff.

Just don’t ask me about the cardigan I started knitting last September…


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