Quick catchup

My boss says that every Monday…

So, since April it has rained. And rained some more. And rained even more.

#PicFrame porthlevenWe escaped the Jubilee celebrations in June, and rented a cottage in Porthleven for a few days. Martin and I spent the weekend getting rained on, and cycling around some beautiful old mining trails, then Charlie and Mum stayed for the rest of the week. Apart from the rain, Porthleven was gorgeous as usual, and we had a nice time hanging out with our friend Lone, and her dog.

In mid-June, Martin and I did the London to Brighton bike ride for the British Heart Foundation. I have to say that it was brilliant fun, and I only walked up the last four hills (including Ditchling Beacon – Martin sped off up the hill because it was the first one that had enough space for a proper attack). The ride may have exacerbated a hip issue though, but I’m still managing to cycle as far as Deptford every day during the Olympics.

I’ve been writing for Mostly Film too: a review of a lovely little forgotten classic of British Film, Woman in a Dressing Gown. . Last week a group of MF parents wrote of their experiences subjecting their offspring to one of the suggested “50 Movies to see before you reach 14”. I forced Charlie to watch Errol Flynn in The Adventures of Robin Hood. Trouble was, we watched the film ages ago, and then Charlie went off to Spain with her nan and I forgot to ask her opinion. I found Charlie’s notes though, and had a very good memory of her whooping with delight at the fight scenes, so cobbled something together…

What else? Oh, I don’t know what it is about us, but we seem to have attracted another band of ne’er do wells since we moved in. The house a few doors down seems to have a lady whose business is entertaining gentlemen in her home. The smell of bad dope pervades the garden most evenings, and her neighbours say the regular 3am rows with her pimp make a refreshing change from the chap who prayed all night, every night. We had a totally Peckham moment on the morning of the London to Brighton. Our group included a two very nice couples from Kent, who were treated to the sight of our neighbour emerging barefoot from a car that dropped her off at 6am. As we rode past the Academy, we saw a fight break out outside one of the dodgy clubs close by. I would have cringed but that would have made it worse.


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