Why we need a family suite at Kings

Some of you will know that the traditional Mystery Sladey bug struck again last week. This time it was Charlie’s turn. She had a fever and all the symptoms of cystitis, but the infection moved pretty quickly to her kidneys. She was admitted to Kings and pumped with antibiotics which caused a horrible, restless night and much vomiting.  The consultant who saw her in the morning was a classic Wodehouse blonde – Martin called her Honoria Glossop. She trotted briskly through Charlie’s symptoms, and prescribed a short course of antibiotics, plus an ultrasound scan sometime next week to check for any lasting side-effects. We were home in the afternoon. Charlie was very tired and weak, but cheered up when she was allowed to watch as much Nickelodeon as she wanted. She’s improving slowly, and hopefully she’ll be fine in time for our holiday.