Suffolk, August 2011

The yurtP1000323TillyChickensThe gang outside the gipsy caravan
CampfireMe at the campfireP1000308CampfireMichael and his hyperextended jointsMichael Royall
Slades and Royalls pt 2Slades and Royalls pt 1Charlie and GordonLunchInside the yurt 2Inside the yurt 1

Suffolk, August 2011, a set on Flickr.

Finally! I have got around to putting up our holiday photos from Suffolk.

We went to a small campsite near Sweffling, which had a yurt, a tipi, a caravan and a bell tent for hire, as well as the usual tent pitches. The campsite owners have made great efforts to have as low a carbon footprint as possible. There was no mains electricity on the site, and we had a choice of flushing toilets or “treebogs”. I didn’t take a photo of the treebogs, but they weren’t as smelly as you’d think. Though they were bloody cold and a bit scary at 3am.

It was a beautiful site, and our yurt was lovely and comfortable. The only complaint that I might have is that there was a slight lack of understanding towards the children. Children of similar age tend to run as a pack, and children on a campsite tend to be noisy and adventurous. The pack was told off a few times for being noisy and running around a lot. The telling-off really rankled with the children, who claimed they had a right to have fun too, and fun wasn’t sitting around looking at wild flowers, and we parents agreed with them.

There’s a big notice on the website now, emphasising that the campsite is an electricity-free QUIET site. Well, it’s their business, and maybe they do want to make the site  a boutique (ie child-free) site.  So…gorgeous location, lovely accomodation…if you don’t have kids.