Update: Martin.

picture of strep a bacillus<<   This, apparently, is the cause of  all this week’s problems.

Martin was significantly better when I saw him today. He’s still quite weak, but his kidneys are functioning properly again, and he’s gradually getting better.

The microbiologists managed to get a streptococcus A culture going with a sample that they took from one of the odd little blisters on his leg. The consultant called it a “weedy little thing”, because it could be zapped by penicillin, which was part of Martin’s cocktail already. But it’s a vicious little bugger too.  It often causes cases of scarlet fever, acute rheumatic fever (which I thought only existed in the pages of Mandy comics), and necrotizing fasciitis. Or in the case of my husband, kidney failure (only very briefly, but it was enough).

So, he’s not better yet. But they know what is causing all the trouble, and they’ve changed his medication to fight the streptococcus A rather than blasting him with every known antibiotic known to man. He’s still very tired, and having trouble moving, but he looks more like my husband than he has done in nearly two weeks, and the glint is back in his eye…