20 March: Muffins and savoury rolls

20 March: Muffins and savoury rolls

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One of my online pals asked if the recipe for English muffins contained milk, so off I went to consult my recipe book.

Then I remembered that I have a small stash of fresh yeast from Ayres the bakers, and it needs to be used up.

On the right are my English muffins (or MUFFINS); slightly over-risen, but still pretty good.

On the left are some savoury rolls that I made with the muffin dough that wouldn’t fit on the baking tray. Inspired by Really Hungry’s pinwheel rolls, I rolled the dough slightly more thinly than muffin height, and spread pesto and ham over the surface.

Then I rolled up the dough into a swiss roll-type affair, and cut the roll into slices. These were left to rise for another hour or thereabouts while we went in search of gardening stuff at B&Q, and a bike thingy for Martin.

While I was frying the muffins – they look a bit like vetkoek, actually – I put the pinwheels into the oven at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.

I think they’ll be rather nice with soup…