New shelves!

We haz new shelves!

Shelves in our studyI know I should do something arty and meaningful, but I don’t have time.

(memo to self: make time to blog)

So, these are the study shelves. They’re purpose built by the lovely Alcove Queens of Brockley. The shelves have actually been in place since around the time of Charlie’s birthday, but I only got to put everything (and I mean everything) back this weekend.

The study shelves now house all the non-fiction and reference works, as well as some spillover fiction from the living room. As you can see from the piano, we also intend to use this room for music practice. The books are perfect sound insulators, and nobody has complained about the trumpet yet.

The living room shelves only go as far as where the dado rail would be if this was a proper posh conversion, and house all our DVDs, CDs and most of the fiction books.

The cupboards still need door handles, but we can still open them with a bit of judicious footwork, and we’re waiting for the perfect handles to wander into our lives.