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We got some new furniture delivered yesterday. Our first proper, solid wood furniture designed to age beautifully and last a lifetime! No more flatpack woodchip or junk shop finds! Well, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop fossicking in junk shops, but at least I don’t have to make do with some warped old bit of utility furniture with a spotted mirror and temperamental drawers.

So I thought it would be a nice thing to make up a quick blog post to show off the new furniture and show you what the house looks like (this one is a bit gloomy).

The house has just been cleaned, and the family are off getting firewood right now, so it’s just me and Frank Black-Slade, the cat.


Charlie and I paced out the bedroom and worked out that it is twice the size of our old room, which is why the bed doesn’t look as enormous as it did before.

The fire surround in in the bedroom is fake marble, with the original fireplace in near-perfect condition.Mum and I found the original tiles hiding under some muddy brown paint when we were decorating.

We still have to put some of the larger pictures up, though I’m nervous of putting the old Rousseau print in here because the wall behind our bed is plasterboard, and not as strong as the old bedroom’s walls.


The new kitchen is probably about the same size as our old kitchen combined with the living room and half the patio. I’m still getting used to finding my way around it. This is probably where the most work was done when Mum was renovating the house. The old kitchen and breakfast room were combined, doors blocked off, patio windows created, sheds demolished…etc.

It leads directly onto a small garden containing a shed, and outhouse and a fishpond.

We finally got around to putting up our family favourite paintings by my stepsister, Jeanine. It seems quite appropriate to have abstract representations of your digestive system in the kitchen, somehow.


The living room has to have shelves built into the alcoves, which is why it’s still a bit higgledy piggledy.

You can light the fire in this room, and with the current cold snap it’s been in almost constant use.



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