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I know I haven’t been around recently, but, it’s like…not you…no not at all. It’s me. No honestly, what with the cancer stuff, and then trying to get better, and then going back to work, and losing my photography mojo and wondering about sewing projects, and moving house, and then family bereavements, and mad deadlines…

Shall I back up a bit?

We moved house on 28 September. The move was stressful. One solicitor performed acts of stupidity that ensured that he will be featured on the estate agent’s List of Idiot Lawyers for many years to come. We now live in a three-bedroom house on a long Victorian street that looks like any other Victorian street in London, except that it backs on to a cemetery. The garden’s smaller than the old house, but the rooms are bigger. Much bigger. Even though the place is about three times the size of our old flat, we have still managed to make it look cluttered. Still it’s the best house in the whole world ever, and we love it.

People who know how our family’s weird little world works will also know that it used to be Mum’s house. Mum now lives at the posh end of the same road in a pretty little 2-bed flat with a big garden.

So, more about the house later.

We also lost M’s mother earlier this month. This came as quite a big shock to us all. She was a nice lady, and we miss her.

I’m doing fine thanks. Still some slight swelling and tenderness, but I’m relishing normal life and not having to deal with Hormones any more. The cancer is officially all gone, and I’m officially menopausal. So far the menopause is OK. The hot flushes are tiresome, but an unforeseen side-effect is that any virus or lurgey that tries to invade my system gets fried on first contact.

Now learning three musical instruments, anticipating a promotion at Beavers, and getting stuck into life in Year 2. She’s still gorgeous and mad and funny and wonderful.


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