Why travelling in London sucks sometimes, pt 138

Proper bloody palaver about my Oyster card replacement. I lost my Oystercard again yesterday, and bought a new PAYG one to get around until the Oystermeisters transferred my monthly travelcard to the new card.

However, according to the call centre there is a “discount” on my lost Oyster that means they can’t just transfer the balance to my new Oyster. I have no idea what that is about and they can’t explain why. So they’re posting me a new card instead.

BUT, that means that I have to keep using the temporary card until the new one arrives, and they won’t refund the money that I’ll have spent on travel in the interim period between the card loss and my replacement arriving, even though it’s down to an administrative error on their part, and I’ll be effectively paying twice.

Add to that an effective 20% fare increase for bus and train travel, and some weird shenanigans going on with the new Oyster PAYG access to Southern Rail services,  TfL appear to have found some creative new ways to pay for Boris’s Routemaster and make life more difficult for South Londoners.

And we can’t work out whether Charlie should get her own Oyster card for travelling on Southern Rail, since she can’t travel on mine when we do use the train. And the stations round our way are often unmanned, so we can’t buy a single child ticket, because the machines don’t sell single child tickets.

To get her own Oyster PAYG card, we need to complete a form, then have some photos taken, then take the form and her passport or birth cert to the Post Office (why the Post Office?), where they will stamp the form and verify the identity etc. I’m not sure what happens after that because I lost the will to live.


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