Top 5 revelations from December Vogue

Ah, this one livened up a rainy day for at least half an hour. In amongst the recommendations for £170 facials and £93,000 Tiffany brooches (Mr Sladey said no), I discovered that:

  1. Trackie pants are the new treggings. Not too baggy: just grazing the ankle, and worn with vertiginous heels. For the full 80s experience, slap on some Poison, drink only Malibu and coke, and sing “Handheld in Black and White” while dancing around your Chelsea Girl handbag.
  2. Charlotte Rampling likes tuxedos, and Helena Bonham-Carter likes corsets. Well that’s filled a gaping chasm in my knowledge.
  3. Dominic Cooper has very odd-shaped growths just above his pelvis that I have never seen before on any person of the male persuasion. I’d call them love handles, but the man has a concave stomach.
  4. Cupcakes are the new sushi. Or something. Anyway, the fashion editor of The Times manages to squeeze three closely-printed pages on the subject.
  5. Bella Pollen (formerly a designer of modish knitwear, now a novelist) likes velvet, and can bash out 2,000 words on this “macaroni cheese of a fabric”.