Keeping busy

I’ve been in and out of jobs for a long time now (some would call it a portfolio career), but I think this is possibly the toughest job market I’ve encountered for nearly 20 years.

I signed on for the first time last week, and the lovely job centre adviser told me that up until a few months ago, he hadn’t realised how many creative web types lived in Peckham. In a strange way, that news makes me feel less alone and hopeless when I stare at my rather quiet inbox.

Besides, opportunities are coming my way. I’ve been asked to do some work for some local contacts. It won’t earn me millions, but it could help pay a few bills, and could help relaunch my freelance career while allowing me the flexibility to care for Charlie.

I can also use the time to bone up on my technical skills. I need to update my coding skills, revisit some old textbooks and build a new portfolio for my writing. I have one for project management and IA stuff already, but it pays to have more than one string on my bow.

In the meantime I’ve also been elected secretary of the school PTA – though I’m still trying to work out what that entails, and there’s the Big Draw next week, where we have a futuristic extravaganza that involves the entire school. That’s using my project management and documentation skills to the max, I think. Now, where did I put that list of victims volunteers?

Another thing I have to revisit is Project 365. I stopped taking photos a few months ago, claiming lack of inspiration/camera. Looking back over some of my pictures from 2008, I was struck by some of the images and realised that some of them weren’t bad at all. Maybe I should take it up again. Maybe I should reclaim Devil’s Workshop as a photoblog…