A whatfolio?

I’ve been mucking around with my CV, my Linked In profile and various other self-advertising ploys in an attempt to find the job of my dreams. After a very interesting meeting with some people who wanted somebody slightly more agency and IA-savvy than me, I sat down and worked out some case studies based on projects that I worked (key details blurred or blocked to protect the innocent).

I’ve created a PowerPoint presentation that illustrates career highlights so far.  Working for an enormocorp means that most of my work contributed to a larger project or product, so I’ve managed to outline my contribution, and how it (hopefully) helped the larger project to move along. I’ve also included work done on the University of Greenwich and on PC Advisor, after I found some old pages on the Wayback Archive.  I’m not going to put the presentation online, however, because it does contain sensitive information. I think that’s the right decision…