Summer hols update

In my first week of unemployment, I have mostly:

camera phone Aug2009 006


Taken photos of bad shoes with Luce in John Lewis, and generally clucking disapprovingly at the cost of Cath Kidson needle books that would take about 10 minutes and less than £6 to make yourself.

This was a pair of gold leather clogs. Luce was busy taking pictures of the weirdest-looking cowboy boots you ever saw, complete with diddy fake spurs


camera phone Aug2009 007




Spent Sunday on the beach at Whitstable. It didn’t feel all that hot, but this was Ceej’s back after five hours of tearing about in her swimming costume

She’s fine by the way: she’ has inherited the sun genes, at least.






camera phone Aug2009 009


Collected my passport and just about every certificate I have earned since 1982 (including the CSEs in Biology and Technical Drawing) from TfL’s Lost Property Office.

To placate Ceej, we went for a wander in Regent’s Park and she hustled me onto the pedalos in the boating lake. She steered, I pedalled, much to the consternation of the resident wildlife.



Canon Ixus August 2009 003


Made a Sew Hip tent for Ceej (to be used indoors and out, when it’s sunny). Here she is modelling the indoor version because it’s chucking it down outside.


She wants a door now