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Last performance today! I’ve got quite a claque coming for today’s matinee: in-laws, both parents, husband and child, Charlie’s godmothers and a couple of neighbours should fill a row of seats (as long as my parents sit at either end, there shouldn’t be any rioting).Canon Ixus July 2009 003

Here I am with one of the other Sarahs on Thursday night, getting ready for the Hell sperm bit. I’ve actually got loads of makeup on, but the only evidence of that is slightly less blotchy skin.

The first three performances went really well. I don’t know if I’m getting a bit jaded, or if it’s just because I’m very tired right now, but I haven’t been able to work myself up about my performance, and consequently have felt a bit semi-detached onstage. Hope this doesn’t come across to the punters. When I’m not totally exhausted, I can talk for England about the project, how great it is, what little stars the kids are, and how doing this has changed my attitudes towards opera and performance, but right now, I’m a bit exhausted.

Canon Ixus July 2009 005

 Wendy Thompson, who sings Orpheus, has possibly been the best lead that we’ve ever had. Not only is she a very talented singer and performer, she also has bags of enthusiasm for the project. We’re not really used to seeing the lead before dress rehearsals, but Wendy has been with us for weeks before the performance, helping us with cues, coaching us on our pitching, and just being lovely.

She also takes time before every performance to help us prepare; taking us through warm-ups, and getting us to relax by singing the opening chorus as a rumba (it is possible) while doing a conga. All totally improvised, and very welcome.


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