Chocolate cake

Wanted to share this little beauty with you. It’s another recipe from Becca’s Dozen, a booklet of cake recipes that I bought from a lady in Choumert Square. She’s also responsible for the utterly delicious and easy Lemon Drizzle cake recipe that has already been baked three times in the past two months.

If you can get down to the Choumert Square open day, be sure to buy one of Becca’s delicious cakes, and her recipe book.

This is called Scrumptious Tea-time Chocolate Cake, and will do very nicely for the post-opera madness.


Put all these ingredients into a bowl and beat well:

4oz soft margarine

4oz caster sugar

4oz self-raising flour

2 beaten eggs

1 tsp baking powder

1 heaped tbsp cocoa powder mixed with 2 tbsps boiling water

Pour into 2 x 7” lined sandwich tins. Bake at Gas mark 4 for 25 minutes.


Filling and topping

3oz icing sugar

1oz cocoa powder

1.5oz butter

2 tbsps water

2oz caster sugar

  1. Sieve icing sugar and cocoa together
  2. Put butter, water, caster sugar in saucepan
  3. Bring to boil
  4. Pour in dry ingredients, and beat until smooth and glossy
  5. Allow to cool, and then use to sandwich two cake halves. Spread across the top.

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