Angels and Demons (well, just demons really)


camera phone july 2009 023 camera phone july 2009 021

Here we are at the first full dress rehearsal of Orpheus and Eurydice, trying on our Hell costumes: black t-shirts, black trousers, and balaclavas, accessorised with a black skull mask that we wave around in a suitably demonic fashion while the Laban dancers writhe about, being hellish.

camera phone july 2009 024Trouble is, with everybody’s hair covered, I couldn’t find my group (we crawl under the stage, and then appear at the front), and nearly missed my cue.

Well, we came up with the name “Hell Ninjas”, but my darling husband said he was reminded of  the sperm sketch from Everything You Ever Wanted To Know about Sex…


He will be dealt with.

Here’s the really demonic bit…

camera phone july 2009 017

The little dears at Ivydale School put on a choir concert last week, where the reception and infant classes sang some lovely songs, with actions and everything.

The concert followed a huge rainstorm that some parents thought would mean the concert would be cancelled (concerts are often cancelled at the last minute for lesser reasons). But it went ahead.

We were entertained by Ceej’s choir, some lovely singing from the older children, and a bunch of small boys with cool haircuts and guitars. We couldn’t identify the song, but it did have Black Francis-style screaming in it.


PS: there are still tickets available for Orpheus and Eurydice if you fancy seeing me and fifty other south London residents of varying shapes and sizes scuttle around being demon sperms…click on the link to book


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