The Park Bench: How to Meet and Woo a Nerdy Girl


The Park Bench: How to Meet and Woo a Nerdy Girl

I think these people have been spying on me.

Here are my notes:


Tip 2: Yes to David Tennant (my five-year-old daughter says we can share him). Who is the other guy?

Tip 3: True. Don’t bother with the Eliot though. Obscure 19th century is my bag, baby.

Tip 5: I think the British version would be Radio 4 or World Service. Radio 4 is a must.

Tip 7: I admit that I have read LOTR three times, but I found the films stultifying  – even though the scenery was gorgeous. Helms Deep was actually a park in Wainuimata, where my cousins used to live, so I couldn’t watch that without thinking: “that’s less than three miles away from the most boring suburb known to humanity”. So, substitute…hmmm…Edgar Wright and/or The League of Gentlemen for Abrams and Jackson.

No idea who Nathan Fillion is, and I’m totally in agreement with the Star Wars/Star Trek thing.

Tip 8: I don’t look like Liz Lemon – and I used to go to college with a similarly named woman who was the size of a house, and was the epitome of the sour-faced 80s feminist. So don’t.  Anyway, face of Zoe Wanamaker with Barbara Windsor’s laugh and Crystal Tipps hair is nearer the mark.

Tip 9: For collectibles, read CD/what’s left of my vinyl collection. Whatever you do, DON’T walk into my flat and say: “it’s rather cluttered. Do you really listen to all those CDs?"

Tip 10: Substitute jazz gigs for conventions and you might be onto something there. Actually, get me a ticket to a Pixies gig and I’m yours.

Tip 11: Very important this one – only don’t use my original pressing of Blue Monday if you want to live.


Good thing I’m married.


One thought on “The Park Bench: How to Meet and Woo a Nerdy Girl

  1. You simply must discover Nathan Fillion! He’s utterly brilliant, especially in Firefly (it’s the boots and breaches in space approach that really melts my heart).

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