Mum’s house update

New house: breakfast roomSomebody asked about Mum’s house, so I thought I’d take a few photos.

So, it’s had a jolly good clean, and the back loft has been boarded over so most of the tut that came with us during the move can go into storage while the house is done up.

This is the  original back door. It appears to have been glazed over very badly indeed. So now it’s an alcove with dodgy-looking shelves in it. Eventually it’ll be the downstairs loo/utility room.




Breakfast room All the windows in the back of the house have been replaced with UPVC sashes. Well, they’re cheaper than wooden sashes, they don’t rattle, and they’re double-glazed, so’s we don’t have to listen to the arguments and sermons from upstairs next door.

The light in the breakfast room is lovely. It’ll get even better when the back wall is opened up.

banisters The builders pulled off the 1960s hardboard panels on the stairs, and found almost-intact Victorian banisters and handrail.

Don’t fancy removing all that varnish though – we might have to work the hall and landing decor around the banisters.

All the carpets have gone. Some of them are in the garden, dampening down the weeds, but the rest were in a dreadful state, so they went straight to the dump.

You can’t really see it, but the damp proof course has been replaced as well, and the nearly-rotten french doors in the study have gone too, replaced by UPVC (yeah yeah) doors.

Ivydale Road was bombed very badly in the 1940s – there are still prefabs in the middle of the road (close to the Home Sec’s place). This house escaped total destruction, but there is a nasty-looking crack going all the way from the roof to the top of the stairs.  Mum hired an engineer, who reckons the crack is pretty stable, but she’ll come back and measure it again in a few months’ time.



The bathroom is the first room to be totally revamped. It was rather horrible, to be honest. The walls were tiled with something blue and oppressive. Mum and the builders removed the tiles, the Victorian plastering, the fittings and replastered the walls.  Right now mum has a toilet pan and a tap to fill a bucket. And a bath…She didn’t even have that a few days ago.

Still to do: the bathroom, complete rebuilding of the kitchen, removal of the back chimney stack, and the redecoration


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