19 April: New Shoes! on Flickr


These leapt out at me from the sale racks in House of Fraser on Saturday. They’re unlike my usual shoe choice (black, able to withstand two mile daily walk, preferably boot shaped), but they are lovely, and will go with lots of things…

Bluewater was very quiet for a Saturday afternoon. Not that I’m complaining.

Back at work last week, and now officially working out what would be my notice if I had a permanent job. It’s all a bit odd, because I’m not allowed to tell people I’m going until the bosses have worked out a succession plan. You’d think that given I’ve been on a rolling six month contract, they’d have some kind of plan B in place. Unfortunately not.

  <—This is another of my favourite pics from our Lakes holiday. Charlie and Millie decided to make potions in a chamber pot that we found in the shed.

Here they are collecting ingredients from the little garden attached to the cottage.