Bloody USB ports

The idea was that I should blog my Project 365 stuff properly, with little snippets of news from our daily life. Unfortunately, one of the many Windows Updates that this PC keeps downloading has now knocked out our USB ports, and I can’t load up any more photos from my fancy dancy new camera. Unless I do it from the work laptop, which I never have time to do because I’m so busy.

So anyway, news.  Arm doing great: can nearly straighten it out. Yesterday I went into Day Surgery at Kings to have an LLETZ and to have my insides poked about a bit under general anaesthetic. Feeling headachey and weak today, so glad I took a day off work.

The washing machine died (rusted drum kept putting rust into the drainage tube), and I’m waiting for the new one to arrive from Comet.

Mum moved house from her lovely little two-bed cottage just next to Peckham Rye station, to a semi-derelict Victorian 3-bed in Nunhead (her next project). Things got a bit stressful on Moving Day, and the old plates that Mum hung on the kitchen wall were given to Buyer’s cleaning team* as an apology for having to witness it all.

In the new hovel, builders are already replacing the damp proof course and replastering the ground floor walls.  Then there’s a kitchen to replace, the bathroom is just about usable, and we keep finding strange stuff that was left behind by the former occupants:  some stuff about revolutionary military tactics based on quantum theory (?), and most sad of all,  a child’s letter to her dead mother. I couldn’t read the letter.

The duo is now called The Jazz Nostalgics. Post your Spinal Tap-related comment here….

What else? Oh, this is my last contract with The Baron. I’ve told them that I intend taking August off to look after Charlie during the hols, and then I’ll look for another contract with another organisation in September. Probably foolhardy and wrong, but I think four and a half years working as a contractor for one company is even wronger.

*Yes, a cleaning team. Four people were sent by Buyer in to clean the Cleanest House In Peckham. It took them about an hour, and I hope they charged her for a full day


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