26 Oct: Our kids

26 Oct: Our kids

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We had a bit of a Big Chill moment yesterday. Vijay, Nigel, Ailsa, Mr P and I all met at the University of Ulster in 1985. I had the room opposite Ailsa’s in Halls, and we were all studying History. Mr P was older than us, and studying Mathematics in some dark corner of the library that we never went into.

Twenty years after graduation, we’re all married, with kids. Nigel and Ailsa went first (they couldn’t stand each other at uni), with a lovely wedding in Cornwall, that coincided with the Windows 95 launch conference in Long Beach, CA. I remember having to make a very dramatic entrance, having dashed in from Gatwick on he earliest flight I could get from LA, and my skirt kept blowing all over the place.

About six months later, Vijay married Jigna, a rather serious, beautiful young Indian woman who he met on holiday in India (seriously, he went for a holiday, then wrote us a letter, saying that by the time we received it, he’d be married, but we were invited to the wedding anyway even if we couldn’t come).

Mr P and I also couldn’t stand each other at uni, but we ended up together about a year after Vijay’s wedding, and got married in 2000. Nigel and Ailsa’s eldest, Toby, came to our wedding, but Jigna was close to giving birth to Anish, so she and Vijay (and Anish) couldn’t come. Elliot may have been on his way too.

Four years later, Parvi and Charlotte turned up. Vijay and Jigna moved their family back down south, and after much bickering abut venues and dates by email, we all finally met up in St Albans. Vijay has no hair: Nigel keeps getting mistaken for Dec, and our children are just brilliant.