Mayor Watch

Anybody who knows me knows my politics, so I’m not going to bother explaining them here.

Anyway, I thought I’d like to highlight a couple of blogs that have found their way onto my RSS feed: – is an “attempt to enhance the accountability of the new London mayoralty”, it says here.  The writers are not particularly in favour of the Blonde and his little pals in City Hall (whoo and indeed hoo). It’s interesting to get an alternative to the usual Evening Standard viewpoint. – is more of a Boris fansite. I think. The owner says that Boris is “the mutt’s nads”, and offers a more positive view of the Mayor. Well, I say that, but I’m still not sure. Maybe it’s the sub-sixth form essay style: maybe it’s the way the writer praises Boris’s “honesty” when talking about the latest f*** up… I dunno. I’d be more impressed if there had been any updates since 21 August, though. Boris Watchers need to stay vigilant at all times, not just out of school hours.