Swing cardigan

Swing cardigan

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Yay! I actually finished something. This has taken months. I was worried it wouldn’t even fit Charlie any more, but it does. Just. And she likes it, which is more than we could say for the last thing I knitted her.

Despite having a proper kosher knitting satchel now, any project that finds its way into the satchel usually ends up mouldering in the bottom, under sketchbooks, diaries, emergency food supplies for small children, umbrella (damn you English summer!), pencil cases, makeup bags…

There’s some room on the bus home from Canada Water, but usually I’m being squeezed by some young person listening to mediocre R&B on their phone speakers. When you think of the days that Timbaland or whoever it was spent finding the right samples, programming and revising the acoustic layers, getting the vocals and actual instrumental bits right; only to have the target audience playing it out of some tinny little microspeaker on their crappy 3G phone on the P12…why bother? You might as well record something off the radio and mix it in ProTools with somebody singing (or shouting about guns and ‘hos) in the shower.

…sorry, got carried away there.

CenterParcs (yes, CenterParcs) was great again, though I don’t think we’ll be getting the Executive accommodation again. It’s alright, but we never get around to playing with the sauna, or the barbie. Charlie had her first ever pony ride. She also went down the slightly smaller flume with her father and loved every nanosecond (chip off the old block), and I got over the fact that they have Starbucks when we realised it was the only way we’d get a half decent coffee. We took our own bikes this time, and I discovered the joy of sneaking out at dawn and bombing around the park on Mildred. It was fab. I scared rabbits, squirrels and mountjack deer. The woodpeckers were a bit harder though…


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