12 July: It’s finished!

picture of Charlie in Clothkits dress
Charlie in her Clothkits dress

When not opera-ing (first night on Tuesday…eek!), I managed to finish off the Clothkits dress. I screwed up the buttonholes and just sewed in some press studs (need buttonhole masterclass from Mum).

But Charlie seems quite pleased with the results. Apologies for the rubbish picture, but I didn’t have much time yesterday. In fact this (6am on a Sunday) is the first day that I’ve had some unstructured “me” time for a while.

Yesterday we were mostly collecting new beautiful new bike from Evans in Canary Wharf, struggling to fit bike transporter that looks like something out of Star Trek onto the back of Brian the car, getting lovely Brazilian bloke from Evans to refit bike transporter, realising that we’d taken over three hours to buy a small watermelon, some sausages, a pretty Oasis top and a Star Trek bike transporter, dashing back to Peckham, picking up opera stuff and then dashing off to Blackheath for first full dress rehearsal.

Martin and Charlie forgot about the birthday party they were supposed to attend at two, and the community barbie at 5-ish. So, I whisked Charlie off to the community barbie and spent a very pleasant few hours drinking Pimms and gossiping with the neighbours. Charlie ran with the pack of small children and wondered why bestfriendJ was ignoring her (clue: he’s a boy)