3 July: New Bag!

New bag!

My first new bag in…ooooh…ages…

It’s a Jordana Paige Knitter’s satchel, with plenty of room for one’s latest knitting project, knitting notions, La Boheme scores, sketchbook, diary, purse, etc. And it stays on your shoulder! My trendy meeja type friend pronounced it very Sara Jessica Parker-ish. Which might mean that I’ve started looking like a horse and wearing stupid shoes…

Peeping out of the top is the last-but-one stage of Ceej’s new cardigan.

Some horrible murders taking place in south London right now. Two French students were tortured, killed, and then their flat set alight on Sunday. I remember seeing the news stories on Monday and thinking: “Ooh…another mysterious New Cross fire”. Then the full story came out.

A kid was stabbed around the corner from my grandmother’s old house in Thornton Heath, a few streets away from my cousin’s home. There has always been violence around Thornton Heath and West Croydon, but sometimes the area feels like a Wild West frontier town.