Dolly the Clothkits doll


Finished Dolly

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How to relive your childhood pt 275.

During the 1970s I, along with many other hippy kids, got to wear clothes made from Clothkits. These were dressmaking kits that had the pattern printed directly onto the fabric, so it made the whole business of cutting out patterns and matching grains/patterns/etc much easier for busy mothers etc etc. The clothes were also very cool – though not if you’re nine years old and you want to wear pink crimplene trousers from C&A like the other kids in your class. I had a couple of Clothkits things that I absolutely adored, and they went very well with my Laura Ashley smocks.

Well, riding the do-it-yourself wave, Clothkits have relaunched on a smaller scale, with a range of childrens’ clothing and doll kits, modelled on the 70s original. So I just had to try them out.

I ordered a pinafore kit for HRH, and a doll with one outfit on Sunday. They arrived on Thursday, but had to wait at the sorting office until I picked them up on Saturday morning. Everything was beautifully packaged and there was a set of Useful Instructions with each kit.

We were very hungover on Sunday (thank you Luce/Sheonaidh/Matt/Richard/Jenna/Emma), so couldn’t spend too much time in the sun. So what better thing to do than haul the sewing machine out of the cupboard and start playing with your new toy?Charlie helped me with the stuffing and sewing, and we finished her in an afternoon. I screwed up a couple of times, but it was a very satisfying thing to do.

Her name is…umm…Dolly, which is odd because she does look a bit like my friend Dolly.