28 May: Waterproofs

28 May: Waterproofs

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I need to find a waterproof like the one that Mr P is wearing. It was brilliant, and it looked really cute on him. The lining was blue and fleecyish, and the outer fabric was rubbery/oilskin. I have a feeling that it might be a ladies’ mac thoughbut.

We had a lovely time in Normandy, apart from the cold, the wet and the lack of central heating. The house was beautiful, and quite comfortable once we got the fire going. We went to Rouen, explored the beaches along the coast (they’re not very good), drew a lot, painted a bit, read stuff, argued about maps and played Scrabble.

Results of the holiday Scrabble tournament are

Martin – 4
Sarah – 3

I would like to point out that Martin won thanks to his irritating habit of finding flukey Bingos at strategic points in the game.