3 May: Spaceship

Spaceship in our garden

Hurrah! Decent weather is here!

Well, not now. Now it’s cool and cloudy, but pleasant enough. I’m just about to go out and attack the lawn with environmentally friendly moss-blatter.

Ceej is at a picnic on Hampstead Heath with her bestfriendM. Her great news is that she got into her first choice primary, which the neighbours tell me got a good OFSTED report last week. The inspectors were very positive about the school, but said they couldn’t rate it as highly as they wanted to because the SATs scores were quite low. Given that it’s an inner city primary with all the social issues that entails, we don’t care about where it is in the league table: it’s a good, caring school and I think Ceej is going to love it.

We’ve had a call about the opera. It’ll be set during the 1968 student riots in Paris. Mum’s going through her wardrobe to find appropriate vintage clothing, but I still have to find out if I’m going to be cast as a Parisian housewife or hippy student chick. With my hair the way it is, and not looking a day over 40, I think I can guess.

Well, the moss blatter calls, and Ceej will be home soon…