16 April: More Breeders

16 April: More Breeders

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Well, that was a lot of fun! We went to see The Breeders at Koko in Camden. We found a nice upper bar to ignore the support act in, with very expensive beer and nice comfy chairs. The support band was Jim Noir, only there were four of them – maybe all called Jim – they weren’t all that noir, from what I could tell on the plasma screen. they played inoffensive quirky pop a la Badly Drawn Boy. So inoffensive were they, that we immediately hated them, but then we don’t like Badly Drawn Boy much either.

After they had finished, we found amalodorous backstairs route to the dancefloor, and very soon couldn’t move at all for the crush. I stuck close to the chaps because they’re nice and tall. But as usual there was a 9ft tall Dutch bloke standing in front of me. I don’t know what it is about Breeders gigs and 9ft tall Dutch blokes. I can understand the viciferous lesbian following, but…

Anyway, The Breeders came on fairly punctually (that’s a first), gave us a bit of chat, then launched into their set. And it was fabulous. Being a bit of a muso’s band, you don’t get many poseurs at Breeders gigs, which makes for a nicer atmosphere. I usually hate crowds, but last night, I pogoed away merrily, and didn’t even mind when a lager landed on my trousers during the chorus of “Cannonball”.

Kim and Kelley were on great form, and gave a stonking show. Kim seems be Chubby Twin this time around. The last two times Kelley has been the chubby one, but last night she was looking pretty healthy. Martin was too busy casting jealous looks at their guitar tech. His other dream job is to be The Breeders’ guitar roadie…

Anyway, fab night. And we remembered why we used to like going to gigs, especially good ones.


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