24 March: Horniman Jellyfish

24 March: Jellyfish

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Early Easters suck. We had some really good times at the National Maritime Museum and the Horniman, but the weather was oppressively cold, and bleak.

We finally got Mr Smooth to remember to come over to our house for lunch on Sunday. We went the whole hog and cooked up a lovely bit of organic topside, along with Yorkshires and assorted veg, and an apple pie with cheese pastry for afters.

By Monday we were all getting a bit stir crazy, and ventured out to the Horniman early-ish in the morning. Half the parents of East Dulwich and Peckham had had the same idea, and the galleries were packed by 11am. Charlie dragged me around her favourite bit, the aquarium, which has a wonderful mocked-up rock pool with real wave effects, and a jellyfish tank. They used to have a couple of piranhas, but I couldn’t find them. I then dragged Charlie up to the exhibition of Japanese textile and paper art. Believe me, it’s fascinating. We folded a few cranes for Hiroshima. Well, I did. It’s a legacy of my peacenik past that I can fold an origami crane in seconds.

Charlie’s cardigan is coming on nicely now that I’ve got my knitting mojo back. The cat dim sum toys were finally finished and presented to Donna on Friday. Apparently her cats like them.

Tonight is the first rehearsal for a big choir event where we’ll be welcoming the Olympic torch as it goes through London. We’ll be singing a Tallis and some new composition that will probably feature swaying and clapping hands somewhere…


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