3 March: On the way to Sandra’s

3 March: On the way to Sandra’s
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We’ve been having a bit of a time recently.

Aside from the Livesey museum stuff – latest news is that the core group is meeting with Nick Stanton tonight to see if a trust can continue using the building – we’ve had a few other exciting bits of news.

The most exciting bit of news is that Posie had her baby at 3:58am today. He weighs in quite light at 5lb 9oz, but he is a bit early, so that’s understandable. Hope the mother and baby are doing well, but I think they’re fine.

Everything else is a bit dull after the baby news. But here goes.

Ceej has managed a whole week without her buggy. She walks or bikes everywhere without (much) complaint. Walks to Sandra’s are much more fun these days: we can take shortcuts across grassy bits, tell stories and look for bears.

On Friday night, it was my turn to put Ceej to bed. As usual I ended up dozing next to her. Until I was woken by a rap at the bedroom window. Anybody who knows the layout of our house will remember that the bedrooms face onto Asylum Road, and the living room faces the garden. You can’t access the flat from Asylum Road, so it could either be a neighbour or a lost person, or a person with a gun (that’s happened once already). I realised where the noise was coming from, and opened up the blind, to find two plain-clothes police officers waving their warrant cards. I indicated our window and crept out of Charlie’s room.

Martin was standing in front of the curtains, getting ready for bed, so I had to say: “Get dressed, it’s the police…” He ducked into the bathroom, and I opened the window.

They started with some questions about the people in the flat upstairs. Did we know them (not really). Did we know their names (ummm…Alex, David and ummm…Mark the pest control guy). Could we describe them. Is the guy in the front room black? etc etc. That’s when they admitted they were talking about Dealer McDope. Well, we relaxed then, and told them that Dealer had moved out about three years ago. They told us that he was in custody right now, and he’d given this as his address. They had been contemplated breaking the door down to search the place before deciding to check with us. Well, I told them that I thought he was living at his cousin’s, but that’s the last I heard. They went off to do voter checks on the dodgy estate, and shout at kids throwing traffic cones at passing cars…


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