19 Feb: Moon over Canary Wharf

19 Feb: Moon over Canary Wharf
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The sunset yesterday was beautiful. I couldn’t find a good enough vantage point on the way home, but this shot was taken just as I was leaving work.

Livesey News

This irate letter has been sent to a bunch of local councillors in advance of tomorrow’s full council meeting.

Dear Councillor,

I am writing to protest against the Southwark Council Executive’s proposals to close the Livesey Museum for Children, and to urge you to vote against this proposal at the full Council meeting on Wednesday 20 February.

The proposal states that closure of the Livesey museum would ensure a saving of £140,000 per year. Cllr Stanton has also suggested that the building housing the museum – a gift to the people of Southwark from George Livesey – could be sold by auction to raise more money for local services.

As a Southwark resident and parent, I am appalled by this proposal. The Livesey Museum for Children is a local service that offers education and enlightenment to primary age children in an economically blighted part of the borough. Situated within walking distance of four local primary schools, and offering its services to schools across London, the Livesey offers a safe, unintimidating space for children to explore concepts such as mathematics (2007) and geography (2008) through ingenious interactive exhibits, created by local artists on a very limited budget.

According to Audit Commission figures, the Livesey Museum entertains and educates nearly 18,000 individual visitors during its nine-month exhibiting period. In addition the museum plays host to over 100 school parties from all over south London. Livesey staff are recognised nationally for the excellent work work they do, and the museum was shortlisted as one of the most family-friendly museums in the UK in a recent poll. Closing this museum would deprive thousands of children, including my four-year-old daughter and her friends, of an imaginative, inspiring educational resource within walking distance of home or school.

Southwark should be celebrating this museum, not closing it!

Here goes nothing…


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