Baby jacket
Originally uploaded by Sladey.

Here’s the finished article.

I screwed up and forgot to make a button hole for the big button. But then I looked again and decided that the button would spoil the line. The buttonless jacket has a nice austere, Soviet look . Most unbaby like, but Posie was a bit of a Prada queen in her day and likes clean lines.

Now working on a raspberry pink cardigan for Ceej. She kept giving the jacket jealous looks and demanded something for herself…
In other news, the council executive committee voted to close the Livesey to “save costs”. They also admitted that they were going to auction off the building, which is what they’re really after. A Grade II listed Victorian library will make a lovely set of warehouse flats for some developer. Though who on earth would want to live on that bit of the Old Kent Road? There’s no garden to speak of, you back on to council estates, a Kwik Fit and a BMX park, and the noise from traffic is frightful at all times. Added to that, I’m not sure if they’ve noticed that commercial property is in a slump right now.

My guess is that they’ll sell the building off, and it will remain empty until the market changes, just like the other development about ten doors up that was supposed to be shared ownership housing and the Bird in Bush Nursery. The BIB nursery is installed now, after a two year wait, but I can’t see any residents in the flats upstairs.

Anyway, we’re demonstrating outside the council meeting again on Wednesday 20 Feb, so, please sign the petition at, write to your MP (Harriet has already sent messages of support) and Andy Burnham, Secretary of State of Culture


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