Southwark Council exec meeting tonight!

11 Feb: Foggy Burgess Park
Originally uploaded by Sladey.

It’s a pity that I don’t have a picture of the Livesey, so here’s another photo of Park, taken from my usual spot yesterday morning. It looks spooky, doesn’t it?

Tonight is the Southwark council executive meeting. I’ve been given a family pass to go and lobby the council executive about the planned closure of the Livesey Museum for Children, as part of a posse of concerned neighbours (don’t mess with the Kings Grove parents). I’m not optimistic, but we have to remember that the LibDems only have a toehold on power in Southwark, and the adverse publicity may force them to think again. If we aren’t successful, then I suppose we have to start thinking about alternative funding.

Other news. Ceej has a touch of croup. She’s at home with her dad today: no doubt curled up on the sofa with the cats, watching SpongeBob and croaking for juice every five minutes. I have to take over at lunchtime.