12 Feb: Millie on a cart

12 Feb: Millie on a cart
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Shot on the cameraphone, using Night Mode, hence the strange colours.

Well, we went to the protest. There were about 20 or so people there. We waved lovely placards that had been hand-painted by various small Livesey regulars. We shouted (politely) at councillors and council staff tried to look neutral as they passed us. The Kings Grove Irregulars ( about seven or so kids aged between 9 and 2) made a terrific racket, and really engaged everybody. They also managed to stomp all over the town hall lawns and not harm a single petal of the carefully-planted primulas.

Whether it has any effect, I don’t know. But we made our point.

I met Ceej’s pal Millie and her mum at the protest, and spent most of my time chatting to them and a couple of chaps standing close by. On our way home, we noticed a strange rickshaw contraption parked outside Camberwell Art College, so Millie climbed into the seat and I took a picture…