The Economist web site is running a correspondent’s view of life in Peckham this week. Big shout out to Uncle Clive for sending me the link.

It’s OK inasfar as these things go. It’s not doing the usual “I’m middle-class, I live in Peckham, and I’M STILL ALIVE, despite the dreadful poor people cluttering up the streets” or “Black people are really quite nice” schtick, but he’s getting tiny, irritating things ever so slightly wrong. And yes, of course I have commented on it. Once a sub, always a sub.

I’d love to know how the Economist’s recommendations work. My comments have been recommended 6 times, and I have no idea what that means…


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  1. Hello,

    I’m the author of The Economist’s Peckham diary. Re how the recommendations work: they are simply votes of confidence, ie if you like a comment (or indeed an article), you recommend it.

    I appreciated your comments on the article. It’s a source of regret to me that I was unaware of the Livesey Museum situation before I wrote it (although these diaries roll out over Monday to Friday, they are written a week or so in advance). So I was glad to see it included in your comment, and I’ve signed the petition myself.

    Your blog is very interesting. I’ve included a link to it on the sidebar to the Peckham diary.

  2. Thanks very much for your kind comments. The museum needs all the support it can get.

    I’ve included a link to it on the sidebar to the Peckham diary.

    Ummm…thanks. I’d better write something worthwhile then…(meep)

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