23 Jan: My first attempt at Camera Toss

I thought I’d try something new with my camera.

I miss the apprehension of working with film, where you were never quite sure how the photo would turn out until you developed and printed the film. Digital photography is great, but it lacks a certain sense of…I don’t know…gambling…that you get with the old process.

So, this is a way of getting back that buzz of not knowing how a pic would turn out. You set the camera’s self-timer, then toss it up in the air. The shutter opens and shuts while the camera is in motion, and unless you’re Alan Donald, you can’t really work out what the result will be (actually, a fast-bowled shot would be interesting, as long as there’s a nice big cushion for the camera to land in…)

This is my first attempt: the rows of lights by the sports area in Brimmington Park on the way home last night. I think I’ve caught the lights from the pub as well (the dotted lines), but I couldn’t tell you which way is up.

Actually, there are rumblings in Brimmington Park. The council has finally got around to smartening up the estates on the other side of Asylum Road, and the only open space large enough to house the construction offices is the park. This means that the 2008 Brimmington Festival (and the Peckham Prom) may not have a venue this year. Which is a shame. I wonder if the residents associations and council would consider re-siting both events in Caroline Gardens? The church would make a lovely backdrop to the orchestra…


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