20 Jan: Mini Eden Project

20 Jan: Mini Eden Project
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I know, this should be a picture of happy tweenies at Ceej’s fourth birthday party yesterday. But I was too busy organising the fun to take photos, and Mum sloped off halfway through the festivities.

FWIW, the party was a lot of fun. Peckham Pulse has a fantastic arrangement where you can make a block booking for a minimum of ten kids to hurl themselves around the excellent soft play area for about 45 minutes. When they’re exhausted, you can feed them in the creche room next door. There’s enough room for kids to run about, ensuite toilet and changing facilities, and a little kitchen for food preparation. On top of that, the staff decorate the room and provide age-appropriate party bags. I didn’t know this, and bought a load of party bag tat just in case – now hidden under our bed. All offers considered…

The children were utterly charming; lively, but well behaved and they ate most of the food on offer, which is a plus. Another nice thing is that I met a couple of Ceej’s new friends, and got to talk to their mothers (Mr P was the only bloke there).