5 Jan:Ceej at the Panto

5 Jan:Ceej at the Panto
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My very serious little girl at the Hackney Empire, waiting for Dick Whittington and his Cat, starring the fabulous Clive Rowe and a charming young man called Kat who wasn’t actually playing the Cat. Apparently he does stuff on MTV, which would explain why I haven’t heard of him, being as I am a) old and b) not a Sky person. The guy who played King Rat was pretty good too. There was even a little troupe of dancing moppets who weren’t at all theatre schooly.

Tickets were courtesy of Auntie Nikki, Ceej’s godmother, who sat in the seat next to HRH.

Ceej loved the theatre, and was completely entranced by the panto, even the messy custard pie throwing bits. I thought it was a proper old-fashioned production, with a cracking plot, lots of silly jokes and plenty of dancing.