23 December: Ceej at the IMAX
Originally uploaded by Sladey.

Grandad took us to the IMAX to watch 3D dinosaurs. Ceej wasn’t too sure about the glasses at first, but she liked the popcorn.

3D cinema is a slightly odd experience. It looks like and sounds like you should be right in the middle of the action, but you can’t feel or smell anything. The film was set partly in the Patagonian deserts, where there are many dinosaur skeletons to be found. But even though you could see and hear the desert, you couldn’t feel the heat, or smell the dust. Though that didn’t stop Ceej trying bat away a 3D flying insect…
In the evening we met up with the family for the traditional chaotic get-together. We got crowded out of the kitchen and were banished to the living room, where we ate prawn curry on our laps and chatted while the kids watched Fantasia. Quite nice really. I don’t get to talk to my baby cousin (who now has her own adorable baby) very often, so it was really great to catch up with her and her lovely boyfriend.