Alannah’s scarf

Alannah’s scarf
Originally uploaded by Sladey.

About two weeks ago, my friend Alannah gave me a very hard time for knitting a hat and various other bits for other people and completely forgetting about the scarf that I promised her way back in April.

So, I went through the stash, and found the Jo Sharp Kid mohair in grey (Lan: “Oooh! I like grey! Do it in grey! Do it now now now!”),and started knitting the S&B Windy City keyhole scarf. I’m now onto the final stripe (in a dark, charcoal which I hope will reduce the slightly yellow tinge in the lighter grey).

The Windy City scarf is a pretty good scarf for cyclists. It’s fairly short (if you stop knitting before you’re supposed to), and the keyhole means that it stays around the cyclist’s neck.