It’s OK, he asked for a hat to match the scarf that I made him last year. It had to be close-fitting, and it couldn’t make him look like a special needs case.

I thought I’d have to order some more Rowan Yorkshire Tweed, which they have discontinued, and found a very nice seller on eBay. But in the end I used up about a skein on the whole thing.

The pattern is from Stitch & Bitch (again – worth its weight in gold, that book), and the original is very stripey. Mr P doesn’t do stripes, so the accidental moss/rib border does nicely instead. Yes, the first 10 or so rows were a mistake, but I think it gave a nice impression of order rising out of chaos, and also looks slightly Celtic without being too twee.

Well, I’ve tried it on, and it rather suits me. God only knows what Mr P will think.

Oh yes: CSI Peckham update. The patrol car has been replaced by a single police officer standing outside the gate. The traffic and noise seems to have returned to Asylum Road, so I suppose they’re closing down the crime scene.