Nunhead Mum of One

Blimey…another one. Well, technically speaking I’m an East Peckham Mum of One, so not quite as up and coming as Nunhead, but at least our local crack dealer was a Guardian reader (no, really…and The Observer)

Going to see two primary schools tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow’s is one the neighbours want to send their kids to, but never succeed, is two streets away and in another borough (never had this when I were a girl; we had ILEA). They don’t have an open day. You just turn up on a Thursday morning, and the secretary shows you round.

On Friday there’s an open day at the CofE school in the no-person’s land behind the proposed tram station. Apparently before we even apply, we have to get a signed affadavit from our vicar, assuring the school that Ceej is indeed godly and a regular attender at a proper church (not a weirdo storefront evangelist setup that tells its congregation that Jesus wants them to bother people on buses). It’s also halfway between our house and Nanny’s house (well, she’ll need something to do when she retires).

Considering we have to apply fairly soon, these are the only two schools that appear to have their acts together re: open days and parent visits. The one the neighbours actually send their kids to may be having an open day sometime in November, but they’re not sure.


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