Look at our lovely shelves!

New shelves!
Originally uploaded by Sladey.

Sandra – capo of the Peckham childminder mafia – has a Very Useful Husband called Mike, who knows how to make stuff. So, we got him to build some shelves into the alcoves in the living room. The old ILEA and IKEA shelves have been recycled (Mike’s eyes lit up when he saw them – pure beech is hard to come by, apparently), and we’ve still got to find a home for the redundant computer desk that held all the forbidden stuff.

Added to that, we found a great electrician (also called Mike) who installed new light fittings in all the rooms and the glory hole, plus a video entryphone so that we could spy on the drug dealers. It’s like a whole new flat!

Now all we have to do is fix up the bathroom and get the fence repaired, and the place could be quite pleasant for another year or so…