Just to keep you updated. Somebody from JLP left a message on my mobile voicemail at around 8.15am – when I was on the way to work – asking me to call them back.

They can call me. I’m fed up with having to explain myself and reel off a load of “personal identification” nonsense every time I make a call. It’s not my problem any more. I’ll pay off the balance in time, and then close the account.

Gethan has a new spring pattern out for spring chicks and garden birds. It uses leftover wool and is really cute.

Made a lovely bolognese sauce last night with onions, celery, carrots and organic minced beef. We’ve been going a bit crazy with tomato purchases recently, so I added fresh tomatoes, sun dried tomato paste and red wine. This made the sauce a bit bitter, so I had to tone it down with a sprinkling of sugar. Did the trick nicely.