Hangbitch.com, an apparently non-SWP, non Euston Manifesto left wing activities and union news blog.

If anything the Left seems even more fractured and factional than when I was a teenage anarchist in the 80s. Though I suppose at least we had Thatcher to unite us. Quite glad that I’ve retreated to reading the New Statesperson, shouting at the TV from the sofa and the occasional Friends of Brimmington Park meeting.

Though I must find out what happened to the Non-Aligned Lefty Cat Lovers banner…


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  1. Friends of Brimmington Park is a local park group.

    The Non Aligned Lefty Cat Lovers is/was a group of friends who went to the anti-war marches and didn’t want to be associated with the SWP or any other neo-trot faction. So we made our own banner, with a Socialist Realist style painting of our cats and yellow lettering. Work of art, it was.

  2. Hello again,

    Are the NALCL still in action…? I would love to do a story if it is. Normal people (ie non neo-trots) of political conviction are very interesting to me. My site is at hangbitch.com & I’d be very interested in talking to you. Cheers, Kate B

  3. My friend Joolz took the banner off on some animal welfare marches, but that was around the time Ceej was born. Haven’t seen her since. So you could say the NALCL isn’t in action any more. Pity. I’d like to get something for the anti-Trident march. We’ll just have to see if Anarchist Cats Against the Bomb are still going (BTW, I did use to be a Labour Party member. I left after somebody from a call centre rang and told me to vote for Frank Dobson, then asked me to make a contribution of £2 per month or something like that. I stopped being a proper activist after some unfortunate business over voting for the wrong person in a CLP election)

  4. Very glad to hear the banner is still about!

    My thoughts are with you re: the CLP voting calamity. Have you changed your name and your face, etc? Those people hold grudges.

    Feel free to drop over to my site if you want to complete one of my prized contact forms and get in touch about an interview on the NALCL & banner. I’d leave my email address here except that it may cause your site and my address to bloat with porn.

    May I say that you are easily the wittiest writer I’ve read. We had readings from it at the soiree I attended on Saturday night and everybody was rolling in the aisles.

    Bye for now


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